Created by a bunch of scientists and mom experts, the Qurious brand aims to bring the FUN back into family time! After seeing our children struggle with math, socializing and communications, we racked our brains and came up with the perfect line of educational, fun and inspiring games for all ages!

Socialize & Educate
Silly monsters, dinosaurs and space are FUN – there’s no doubt about that! How about math, retention, reading and spelling? Lost the spark, haven’t you? That’s why we created these silly, beautiful and super-educational cards!
Play with family and friends, learn to socialize and communicate properly, and open up to new worlds of space, dinosaurs and our favorite silly monsters!

Better World for Our Kids
As moms, we want the world our children live in to be clean, safe and overall – better. That’s why all our products and packaging are non-toxic, and are shipped in no-waste, tiny packaging for shipping and storage efficiency, and to reduce the use of natural resources.

Our Mom Team
We’re moms. We get you! Since the launch of the first Qurious game, we added 4 beautiful Qurious babies to our future team! We’re proudly woman founded and owned in the great State of Florida – inspired by the sun and the waves!
Miriam Lottner moves mountains, but covers them in her signature bright purple sparkles first! You can find sparkle residue on the Qurious Telescope – pure inspiration for little girls!
Miriam is a super-mom of twin girls, an innovator, maker, writer and thinker. She found the perfect mom-team that actuated her Qurious dream!
Our quest is never-ending. We hope to help you teach 3-8 year olds to Learn to play and are honored every time a Qurious product is chosen as a gift or to play with in someone’s home.

Qurious is a bootstrapped, small family business. We appreciate your feedback and your enthusiasm about our growth and expansion.

Have an idea? Need help? Want to talk? Contact us and let us know how we can help!